Foundation Selenium Testing Workshop – 2 days

7 October, 2011

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    I completed the 2 day workshop on Thursday and on the followingMonday, I have already started to create selenium automation scripts and check them into source control.The workshop has given me the technical confidence to be productive and my SCRUM master is over the moon!independentindependent - JK
    I have been using Selenium IDE at work to help with automation testing and have developed over 60 scripts. I knew that there was a way to do cross browser testing using Selenium but wasn't sure about where to start. I then stumbled upon Time2test and their free one hour cross browser testing workshop. I did not realise how easy it was to conduct cross browser testing! Thank you Time2test for proving the free workshop.DM - Ireland
    The foundation Selenium workshop taught me Selenium from IDE , standalone webserver and then Webdriver. I learned more in two days than I did in 3 months trying to learn online and on the job! I now feel that I have the confidence to apply it at work and benefit the project. - October 2012Independent , London
    The did not know where to start with the Android Emulator before taking the Advanced Selenium Workshop. I am now using at work and the project manager is very happyindependent
    I tried to learn Selenium at home after work but only scratched the surface. I then stumbled on Time2test and took the weekend Selenium Foundation Workshop which has boosted my knowledge. I now feel confident in using Selenium at work!Independent
    The mentoring service offered with the Course is great. I ask a question and then get a reply within a day! Thank you so much for your dedication.Independent
    I do not have a technical background but I wanted to learn Selenium with a view to increase my chances of securing a testing role so I bought a Teach yourself Selenium book from Amazon. I started working through the book but got quickly stuck . The examples did not work and I got very frustrated. I then decided to take a workshop and found Time2test via Google who looked credible. I have now taken the workshop and feeling confident about my chances of looking for a testing job with Agile and…JT from Denmark
    Thanks for running a very ‘tailored’ course to say the least which I also very much enjoyed - Nov 2012Owen R - Norway
    The web is full of information and I thought I knew lots about Selenium until I went on the foundation workshop. The course instructor was very informative and taught me new tips and tricks that have made a real positive impact at work. I especially liked having the material online, so I could play with it back at the office.independent